Open Sourcing Naao App

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Back in 2018, we built naao app to compete in the IEEEMadC contest. Unfortunately, we were not member of IEEE so our submission was disqualified. Just like every one of my fellow developers, I had high hopes with this side project but over the last one year, I have watched this shelved project collect dust and become just another side project of mine.

Well, what can be a more fitting ending (or shall I say beginning?) for such a project than becoming open source on github? So, I finally set aside a few hours to clean things up and put the entire codebase that powers this app on github.

Here’s the list of repos that complete the entire app:

Feel free to fork and build your own crowd sourced package delivery platform and most of important of all, be kind to someone today.

Download Links

The app is available on app store, play store and less functional web app.


Special thanks to my wife Suborna for designing the most eye catching app and website I have ever worked on. She is learning to code and I would really appreciate it if you give her a shout out on twitter.

Published 4 Oct 2019

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